Today, you can get benefits of magnolia extract from a reliable company. The word magnolia is a broad term that more than 200 different species included in the Magnoliaceae flowering family. The bark and flower of magnolia have been admitted for their various medical applications.

Through modern research, some of its healing properties have been revealed regarding the exact chemical components of its bark composition, extract, and flowers. They have been long used in Chinese medicine but it is now regarded widely as a remedy or beneficial supplement worldwide.

Benefits of Magnolia Extract

Native to Southeast and East Asia and particularly China, these ancient flower species have been predating the bees’ evolution, they are around for a long time (100 million years). Some of its types have come from Central America, North America, and Parts of South America.

The strong nature of the trees and shrubs allowed them to thrive and survive over many evolutionary times in harsh conditions, and have developed organic compound and unique nutritional composition during that time as well, representing the health benefits that potentially powerful.

A substance that benefits the skin is produced from the magnolia bark of a beautiful magnolia bush. You might not think about this, but this is a fact. But, extract from the bark of magnolia stems were found to contain substances that may have just been excreted.

For skin, free radicals that can be led by a chronic inflammation that caused sagging and wrinkled skin can be minimized by using soap with the benefits of magnolia extract. Research has shown his compound can also improve skin hydration and aid facial skin redness.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the magnolia bark has been long used. Honokiol and magnolol are contained in the aromatic bark. They are two compounds that contain anti-angiogenic and anti-anxiety properties. Additionally, they can reduce asthma and allergenic reactions.

According to dental studies, bacterial plaque formation can be inhibited by magnolia bark extract. In the case of skin aging, an important role is played by inflammation. The aging process can be slow down by the anti-inflammatory activity of Honokiol and magnolol.

Other Benefits of Magnolia Extract

The research was found that magnolol can support the body’s natural production of corticosteroids (adrenal steroids) that suppress inflammation. This effect of anti-inflammation is responsible to reduce the response of allergenic inflammatory in cases of asthma.

Corticosteroids increases may be of concern to those looking to use this plant as a product for weight loss. Phellodendrom combined with the herb in patented product, this effect is reversed. It resulting in the reduction of Corticosteroids and cortisol-induced food cravings.

There is also another powerful effect of magnolia. It can affect the level of acetylcholine in the brain that can help people with Alzheimer’s disease. the characteristic of this disease is insufficient levels of acetylcholine, the amyloid plaque built in the brain, which interferes with normal brain function.

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