One of nature’s premier moisturizers, cocoa butter soap resulted from the harvested cocoa and extracted from cocoa beans. It is a tropical evergreen tree that is often called as the food of the gods that is native to South Africa and its height can be up to 30 feet tall.

Which makes chocolate is melt in the mouth, it also feels soft and soft on the skin. With a temperature of our body similar to a melting point, cocoa butter contained in personal products can be absorbed easily, leaving your skin intensely hydrated, silky, and smooth.

Benefits of Cocoa Butter Soap

The extraordinary moisturizing quality is contained in cocoa butter, it has high essentials fatty acids that can protect and nourish the skin. Butter provides long-lasting, deep hydration that does not feel sticky or greasy, helping to maintain the natural healthy balance of your skin.

Good for Sensitive Skin

This butter is among stable fats known as a sedative for those who have sensitive skin. The cocoa butter soap is very non-reactive that makes it can be easily tolerated by most skin. It is ideal for sensitive skin.

The product that provides plenty of moisture is needed by people suffering eczema or dry skin so that their skin can keep supple. With intensive hydration properties contained in cocoa, it can increase skin moisture without irritating.

Natural Antioxidants

Cigarette smoke and traffic pollution can spawn free radicals and cause a problem with your skin which is called premature aging of the skin. The antioxidants in cocoa butter can help your skin protected from those radicals and looking healthy and young.

Using a Cocoa Butter Soap

Cocoa butter is cheap and widely available, easy-to-use stick, and tub. Raw cocoa butter can be bought in bulk online if you want to make the DIY skincare method. There will be two forms of cocoa butter which are unrefined or refined.

Unrefined, creamy yellow cocoa butter is the raw form. You can find it easily and all the benefits mentioned above come naturally with these unrefined products. However, it has smell is very strong like chocolate.

When you get a ready-made product of cocoa butter, you usually get cocoa butter in a refined version. Products that contained cocoa butter should moisturizing, thick, and gentle on the skin. Actually, in lower temperatures, cocoa butter is a bit hard.

If you put cocoa butter in your hand (a piece), it will start melting right away. This is the property for products like lip balm and soap that make a great additive for them. The products will be thick but when in contact with your body, it melts.

Surely, there will not be a problem with its melting point if you buy it in cream or whipped form. It is recommended to use it at a generous amount per day (1-2 times). It can retain moisture for the moist skin.

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