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1. All in One Service

– Manufacturing from leading Soap Noodle factories, personal care products such as Beauty Soap,
  Fruity Soap, Medicated Soap, household products such as Multipurpose Soap Bar,
  and Laundry Soap Bar.

– The soap noodle manufacturing plant produces 150 tons per day, a beauty soap production
   capacity of 50 tons per day, a multipurpose soap capacity and 100 tons per day
   laundry soap line

High quality soap based on palm oil and the end product along with high glycerin content, an essential moisturizer for
  hands and body.

– Mold and Brand Emboss

– Knowledge Sharing and Formulation

– Specialized Soap Bar

– Various packaging options

– Private Labeling

         2. We Provide

  – Laundry Soap Bar, Laundry

  – Soap Noodles, Multipurpose Soap Bar

  – Multipurpose Soap Noodle Toilet and Soap


3. Competitive Advantage

– During each production batch, samples are taken every hour for analysis to keep quality control and specifications requested.