Yogurt soap benefits have long been praised for their benefits for health. Because yogurt’s benefit to produce a very long lifespan in humans, it is praised by certain historical references. Mostly, the body isolates most of the health benefits but yogurt also good for the skin.

Apart from the protein, minerals, and protein present in yogurt and it also has good bacteria that very interesting to stimulate cell regeneration and fight disease. As well all know, the fermented milk by bacteria is called yogurt.

What we called yogurt culture is done by these bacteria (streptococcus thermophiles and lactobacillus bulgaricus). They are good bacteria of a class of microorganisms that can fight disease, support internal flora, and aids in mineral metabolism.

DIY Natural Yogurt Soap Recipe

Yogurt contains high growth factors, minerals, and vitamins all give benefits to support regeneration, healing, and overall skin health. Because probiotics can fight disease, the skin’s immunity is increased by them and protected against environmental invaders.

There is also an interesting feature of yogurt soap benefits. The lactic acid is produced during the fermentation process which can smooth and softens the skin, provides hydration and stimulates cell turnover. Apart from consuming yogurt, you can get bright and healthy skin by applying it topically.

You will need many ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil or pomace, safflower oil, sustainable palm oil, cocoa butter, argan oil, and coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, lavender flower powder, chamomile flower, natural flavorless Greek yogurt, and blend essential oil (Eden’s garden relaxation).

The first step is layering the mold. Then, by using a large pyrex teapot and a measuring cup, measure the distilled water. Use a digital kitchen scale to weigh the lye and pour it into distilled water slowly.

Wait until the solution is dissolved completely, keep stir it well, cool it in a well-ventilated place. The next step is to weight the argan oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, safflower oil, shea butter, olive oil, and palm oil and put them in a non-aluminum pot (large size).

Set your stove over medium heat and heat all the oil until melted. Cool them about 115 degrees. While the lye water and the oil cool, you need to prepare the other ingredient for your yogurt soap benefits. You can use flower powder and regular chobani Greek yogurt.

Beautify Your Soap

After the ingredient cooled, you can add the yogurt, relaxation synergy essential, and flower powder to the soapy oil. Blend them and mix by using a stick blender. You also can use 1 ounce of chamomile oil or lavender if you don’t like synergy blend.

For a lighter scent, use less and use more to get stronger scents. Now, pour the lye water slowly into the soapy oil and get trace by blending them in a wand blender. After that, pour the soap into the mold and sprinkle it with chamomile flowers.

Isolate and cover them for 24 hours. After the saponification process is finished, take them from the mold and cut them. Let the soap dry for 3-6 weeks then use fabric or kraft paper or label to wrap them according to your desire.

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